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Do you know who has your safe combination?

Was the combination changed the last time you had to terminate an employee? We can put your mind at rest by changing the combination. It doesn't take long and it assures that you will know who is accessing your safe.

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Are you getting tired of all the dial twiddling?


We can upgrade most safes by changing the dial type lock to a digital lock.  This makes opening safes as simple as pushing buttons and you'll be able to change your combination at will without a visit from the locksmith.  If you prefer to change from digital to dial, we can do that, too.  How about both dial AND digital?  Yep, we can do that.

Have you noticed that recently you have to dial your safe several times to get it to open?

This may be a sign that your safe lock needs servicing.   Periodic servicing of safes is the best way to prevent costly lockouts.   Any time that you notice a change in the way a safe dials open, you should have it serviced.   You'd be surprised how many times we hear:

"My safe has been acting up for the last couple of weeks and now I can't open it at all!"

The cost for servicing is always much less than waiting until it has to be drilled open.

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So ... you think you need a safecracker.

Did you know there are legal safecrackers? Generally they are called safe technicians. Mike Bardsley is a Registered Safe Technician.

Did you lose or forget your safe combination or . . .
did you put off getting it serviced and now it won't open?

Safe opening due to a lost combination or lock malfunction
is one of the services we offer.   We can often open them
with little or no damage.  If drilling is necessary, we try
to keep any holes very small to minimize repairs.
Usually one small hole, 1/4 inch or less, will do the job.

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Safe and Vault Technician's Association
National Safecracker's Organization

State of California
Department of Consumer Affairs
Locksmith License: LCO4728



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